The UK Apprentice – perfect TV

I’ve just finished watching series 4 of the UK Apprentice. (Yes, that’s series, not season. We have series in the UK and stick with seasons when describing the time of year, not our TV programmes).
Like the other three series, I love it. Definitely one of the better things to come out of the world of reality TV. I’ve only watched season 1 of the US Apprentice, so can’t comment on what the others are like, but infinitely prefer the UK version to the US episodes I’ve seen. Some of that’s clearly to do with the fact that I have more in common with the people and setting, but most of it’s due to other factors. The BBC don’t need to edit things around ad breaks, the production is simply superb and Alan Sugar’s far more my kind of guy than Trump.
Much of the US version I’ve seen appears to be all about how amazing Trump is. Siralan’s hardly a shrinking violet, but at least he doesn’t feel the need to boast all of the time. His treats are far better too – I nearly fell of my chair laughing when one of Trump’s treats was the chance to look around his glitzy apartment. Appalling.
Some observations on this series…
– Far less swearing. The effing and blinding in past series was over the top.
– Siralan’s Emailer phones have gone. I presume he’s given up on that particularly product.
– Gelled hair. If I were 8 years younger, would I be covering my head in splodge every morning to look cool? I hope not.
– Empty suitcases. I love the fact they all bring their cases to the boardroom and that the cases are clearly empty. You can’t fit all your stuff in those tiny bags, or lift a full case so easily with one hand. Nice theatrical prop though.
– Lot of kissing hello and goodbye and constant screaming and hugging. Not very British, you know. Or am I just stuffy and out of touch?
Roll on the next series….
I would love to see a UAE version of The Apprentice, preferably a UAE Nationals only version (with subtitles of course). That would be great to watch.


2 Responses to “The UK Apprentice – perfect TV”

  1. Chuckeroon Says:

    You lost me money!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t really see how anybody can consider this rubbish to be any better than any other reality TV. It’s full of repellant people who want to be on TV *and* be rich… a more obnoxious combination is difficult to imagine.

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