Too much bachelor

I am a summer bachelor again, while Mrs Saul stays in the UK, coming back shortly before the school term begins at the end of August.
This generally means a few days enjoying not tidying up, being messy and sleeping in a little too much at weekends after visiting places Mrs Saul doesn’t enjoy, a few days feeling lonely, a few days feeling used to feeling lonely and then Mrs Saul’s dramatic and welcome return. After the dramatic and welcome return I typically have to relearn general house rules and skills and our normal routine resumes.
It’s a scenario that’s a bit less common in Dubai than it used to be, but there are still a fair few husbands who spend a week or two in Dubai whilst wives and kids go home.
(The title is taken from a comment a security guard in our old building made to me a couple of years ago, accompanied by a wink and a quiver of the moustache. ‘Oh Sir, you are too much bachelor now!’.)


One Response to “Too much bachelor”

  1. Riz Says:

    Too much bachelor…love it! Although I would respond, ‘No, no, not enough bachelor!’

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