Do you remember the Summer of Rock of ’92?

Do you remember the summer of rock of ’92?

They say that if you do, you probably were there, but would rather forget.

Recently rediscovered and remastered from the original TDK 90 minute tape it was recorded on, January 2010 sees a re-release of that summer’s seminal band’s demo tape.

Yes, Jesus Wore Ray Bans have entered the digital era, for your listening pleasure. Thousands of new fans are discovering them daily!

Below are some – just some – of their classic hits, first aired at venues such as –

  • The King’s Head, Fulham. (London’s leading live music venue).
  • The Red Lion, Brentford. (Brentford’s leading live music venue, until it became a McDonald’s drive-through).
  • The German School, Richmond upon Thames. (London’s leading venue for failing to attract blonde haired Teutonic lovelies by asking them ‘wie komme ich am besten zum Bahnhof’ during Band Night).

Jesus Wore Ray Bans consisted of some of London’s most promising indie rock musicians, a fact clearly borne out by their current careers.

  • Christopher Saul, singer, lead guitarist and songwriter. Now living thedream selling virtual desktop solutions in Dubai. Still to be found performing at Dibba Beach during camping trips.
  • Simon Lodder, bass guitar. Now a trader in the City, weeping for his bonus.

  • Edward Morgan, drums. Now a member of the Metropolitan Police.

Recorded and mixed by Paul Woodhead, who I have sadly lost touch with. (Get in contact, Paul!)


Intro – Tangled Up

Alien Girl

Di Di Dee (working title)

Red as a Cucumber


3 Responses to “Do you remember the Summer of Rock of ’92?”

  1. Simon 'batches' Lodder Says:

    I was there maaaan, and it rocked…….
    Any way you can send me these so I can put into itunes?
    Rock on, over and out.
    BTW I am currently having drum lessons. We would have gone far if I had drummed back then.

  2. Ed 'Beats' Morgan Says:

    Lodder! WTF are you spouting about. You had enough trouble with the Bass! I seem to remember the only reason we called you ‘Batches’ was after we found those explicit photos with you and all the bloke groupies! You cried when we said we going to call you ‘Bitches’ hence the subtle change.
    Better drummer my arse.
    Hang on, let’s not let time change us… We used to be such a unit!

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