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Seats are in, plus first run


The Techsafe rear seats are in, installed last July before I went on holiday. I can sit in them and not have my head hit the ceiling after all…

Adults probably wouldn’t want to do very long journeys sitting in them, but they will be fine for kids, which is the main reason for having them. They are very well made and the integrated seat belt makes things nice and neat. Arm rests are really a bit too small to make a big difference in terms of comfort, but they are nice to have. Of all the stuff ordered from overseas, Techsafe have been the best – speedy responses to Anees from ANR, they shipped the order correctly, the products sent don’t have any issues and they even followed up directly when they thought there may have been a recall affecting one of the seat mounts.

I was lucky enough to pick Geoff up from ANR and be able to do a nice afternoon run with David and JB before dropping Geoff back and going on holiday.

Geoff is a lot easier to drive with a bit more weight in him. The Legendex exhaust sounds great, performance feels better and the soundproofing has made a world of difference. He feels like a normal car, rather than a tractor. Cruise control also makes motorway driving a lot easier – as do the new stereo and speakers!

It was quite funny seeing Geoff on his OEM skinnies compared to the big tyres on the other Troopies. I’m sure I will change them in due course. It was only a short drive but we did do some rocky bits and I didn’t notice any tyre related issues. It will be fun to see what they are like in the sand.

Opening and closing the awning is super easy, the roof tent too – and when I stop slipping off the bumper and learn how to open the clips first time, opening will be even quicker as well…

Geoff has been back at ANR and I’ll see him during the coming week. In the meantime Rashid at ANR has connected me with a Dubai based Aussie gent who has started on the drawings for the rear storage area and has already had some good ideas to contribute. I need to get a move and and decide the water strategy – a decent, economical¬† and hot shower is important and if space and budget allow I’d like the same water heater set up used by Andre SP of 4xoverland.