Troopy progress

Dropped into ANR today to finalise the positioning of the rear seats.


It looks as if the rear seats will fit an adult, even with the lower ceiling due to the AluCab Hercules roof – good news. This means my idea of having the two single rear seats will work – allowing a ‘corridor’ between the two to allow passengers to enter and exit via the back. They are well built and comfy, particularly good for kids as they give a good view out of the window. There is one strange thing – the mounting brackets on one chair seem to be about 1.5cm longer than on the other. I don’t think this will be a problem for me, but 1.5cm seems a large margin of error.


The Front Runner drop down table is on. It looks good – quite tough to pull the drawer down, but I think it will loosen up over the time.

The slide out table is terrible – I’m really not sure what Front Runner are thinking here! It looks like something pulled out of a skip – rough edges, not sanded or varnished and, my guess, not really hygienic for food. It’s not just mine, either – another one in stock via the distributor is exactly the same. Astonishingly bad – I will have to get mine sanded and varnished.

Rashid has suggested using some of the space behind the rear door panel to store things or to run a water pipe through. We would cut a hole at the right points on the table. This is a great idea.

The AluCab Shadow Awning has been repositioned. The ANR guys really scratched their heads to get it right as the instructions don’t seem to be much help – the only way apparently being to drill new holes.


I don’t have a picture, but AluCab have confirmed they no longer fit a cloth patch over the small arm that raises up to make the awning material taut. Fair enough – but the arm has a plastic covering that stains the awning black…

Various rivets and screws on the awning that stick out and can scratch things have no rubber caps supplied. ANR, off their own bat, went out and got colour matching rubber caps to avoid damage where metal  was previously meeting metal.

This bit on the awning looks bent.


The awning seems to be great, otherwise – it really covers a great area, including nicely protecting the ‘kitchen’ area behind the rear doors. I love the idea of us doing a day trip with friends and being able to get some shade together and use the MaxTrax and Front Runner tables to make fresh sandwiches, a cup of tea and so on.

Screws that are part of the roof mounting just stick down dangerously and look unsightly – we will have to do something about this.


The Drifta kitchen looks great when set up. As mentioned in an earlier post, they sent the wrong model, but that is being sorted out. The hinges seem a bit loose, but that may just be me being grumpy and critical as so many other things have had quality issues. We just have to make sure it can genuinely fit into the back and be put in and taken out easily. If it can’t I’ll think of something else, but something removable is definitely what I want.

They also forget to include the QuickPitch En Suite shower curtain ordered and paid for… That will be on its way soon.


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