Progress of a sort

Dropped into ANR to view Geoff the Troopy.

Good stuff:

The guys seem to have done a great job all round with the AluCab Hercules roof.

The Legendex exhaust is in and sounds fantastic! Finally I have a car with some ‘grunt and rumble’, which is one of the most important things when offroading, as all the experts agree.

The sound proofing really seems to have done its job. It’s a lot quieter to drive now.

The stereo and map pockets with the speakers look and sound great.

The QuickPitch MaxTrax table is on – I can see it will be very useful.

Bad stuff:

I’m getting extremely tired with the quality of service and attention to detail from AluCab. The ordering process was farcical at times in terms of responding to emails and providing important info, such as additional height added. We had issues with the shipment as well – David’s roof was missing brackets, which they had to courier to him, for example.

My roof seems to have come with all its bits and pieces, but the main awning bracket was completely bent, there is no protective patch for the arm that props up the canvas and there is no bracket/connector/hole drilled to allow the final arm to latch onto the car and secure the awning.

I asked for AluCab’s branding stickers not to be put on when I ordered, but was told this wasn’t possible. The reason for not wanting them is that the RTA are quite strict about what you can have on a vehicle, so it makes sense just to remove them. As it happens, they are peeling off anyway as they’ve either not been stuck on properly or the glue is of poor quality… It seems odd that stickers are mandatory but other more important things get ignored or bungled.

As mentioned above, the MaxTrax table looks good and will be very handy. On the downside, it came missing rivets, with no instruction manual and doesn’t seem to ship with any rubber or soft plastic bits to sit between areas where metal would be against metal. (Apologies, I’m probably not using the correct terms here, but I hope you understand what I mean). ANR have done a good job ‘upgrading’ it to make it something acceptable.

Via ANR I had ordered a single drawer Drifta kitchen. They sent me the double drawer version, all the way from Australia… (That said, it does look to be a great product, just what I wanted. How it will fit in the back will have to be worked on).

These things will all get rectified – I’m just glad that I don’t have a strict deadline. If I were actually building a vehicle with a date in mind to begin a trip, I would be furious.

Next steps are for the rear seats to be installed. Once they are in we can take accurate measurements and start to design the rear storage area. We had some fun manoeuvring the SnoMaster fridge and the Drifta kitchen around to get an idea of how it might all work.



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