Meet Geoff the Troopy

Time to reinvigorate the blog to document the build of my 2018 Land Cruiser HZJ78 (78 Series, V8 4.5l diesel) Troop Carrier.

Getting to this stage would never have happened without the help of all the blogs and YouTube content out there, so it’s only right that I document my experiences for others to read.

Bought in November and, at the time of writing, at ANR Performance in Al Quoz, with the AluCab Hercules and Shadowawning fitted and various components on the way, it’s time to put my thoughts down!

The plan is to create a great family camping car that can take us all over the UAE and Oman, carrying everything we need, easily, as well as things that friends can use. I will document the thought process behind choosing a Troopy in another post.

Here are some pics of Geoff when he was stock, with some help from my assistant, followed by some photos of the first part of the build.



3 Responses to “Meet Geoff the Troopy”

  1. Jens Says:

    Wow, three years with no posts and you just pop up with this. What happened?

  2. christophersaul Says:

    The world is bound to be interested in Geoff, so I just had to share!

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