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Since thirteen years in Dubai


Saturday marked thirteen years in Dubai. Who’d’ve thought it?

No plans to go home or elsewhere – is there anywhere else that offers what Dubai did in the late 1990s/early 2000s? That would be the benchmark. We are settled, largely immune from rent and house price fluctuations and Zara will go to a school that inspectors said should be compared not to the best in the UK but to the best in the world. Dubai is going to get more and more expensive over the coming years, but that is somewhat offset by the fact that quality of life is still high and with the increased cost comes a more modern city. Modern in a positive way.

Of course, it all depends on the job market. I need to stay on top of things, especially now that Middle Eastern roles are more and more carried out by people from the region. This means any job I have will remain international and encompass Africa and possibly Turkey, which means continuing to travel. I don’t mind that – I enjoy the variety and as long as I’m the one managing when I am travelling family life fits around it well.

Here’s to the next thirteen.

Too much expensive


In addition to the increase in petrol prices recently announced, it looks as if there might be more extra costs on the horizon, according to this article.

The petrol increase was a surprise for lots of people it seems. I know it was on the cards, but I wonder whether distributors and people buying fleets were caught off guard – a lot of mini buses here actually run on petrol. Tough for anyone who had just bought fifty mini buses to ferry their staff around, or for distributors who find themselves with a large stock of vehicles no one will want to buy.

I don’t quite understand why the new petrol pricing strategy is being described as deregulation, when the government is still setting the price, but there you go.



Holiday in England doing English things.

I’m back, ‘being bachelor’ for a couple of weeks till Zara and Mrs Saul return.