Middle class baby toys

These are actually miniature toy packages.


Next up, a toy Prius, or pretend quinoa?

When it comes to real food, Zara eats anything – broccoli and pretty much any vegetable are wolfed down. I was in my late teens and twenties before I’d tried half the things she has.

Blackberries I was eating at that age, albeit picked locally rather than shipped across the world.



One Response to “Middle class baby toys”

  1. Your Father Says:

    Your not eating vegetables wasn’t because your dear Mother didn’t try hard. You were a beast and forced to eat “two green beans” or whatever before being allowed to leave your plate and have some pudding. What a deeply disappointing and non-compliant child you were(n’t)!!!!!!! Still loved though. And the Black Berrying…….that was a lovely time.

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