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Modern inconvenience


Checking through photos to find some nice ones to put up on the wall to be framed, I realised the problem with having phones and cameras with such large memory cards these days.

Everything from the old cameras is neatly filed in folders with accurately named files – Fossil Rock 2006, Cyprus Summer 2007, etc, etc. From January 2014 to date I have something like 9,000 photos from my iPhone filling one folder, in nothing other than date order, with tonnes of duplicates.

Perhaps having a 1GB memory card in my old Sony digital camera was actually a good thing?

Downtown Trolley Bus


Shame it won’t be ready for New Year’s Eve (I’m guessing) but it’s nearly ready.

Not sure if it’ll be practical or mainly for site seers. I could take it to get to the metro station without sweating too much, but the walk to the office at the other end would be a killer. On the other hand, it’d open up some other areas of Dubai to us.






Was I this brave at almost two?

Or does Zara just have access to some bigger slides?




Flower Power



Surf was up


…next to the Burj Al Arab today.

Six foot waves and (based on my limited knowledge) some really good surfers.

Zara loves the beach. I get tired of the way people use it as an ashtray. Who sits on a beach and leaves their fag ends lying around them?

Grumps aside, I’m enjoying living so close to the sea again.




Lost something?


Nissan Patrols can go anywhere, but occasionally bits drop off, it seems.

Why leave this behind?



Boot camp


Tuesdays is normally boot camp in Safa Park for me, but it eas National Day yesterday so it was off.

Zara has discovered running so I got my exercise running around Burj Park today instead. I’m no photographer and the picture is probably poor on a large screen, but the iPhone 5s camera seems to capture at least the feeling of movement well.


Zara visits Fossil Rock


I was apprehensive, but the car seat was strapped in well and Zara loved it.

She slept through the best bit.

“More camel” was the refrain. We saw a few, but no photos. The mummy and baby camel went down very well, but we drove by as respectfully as possible.







Rolls Royces are ten a penny here these days. I must see three or four a day at least, significantly up on previous years.

I love this one. Parked in the way Rolls Royces tend to be…