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Savvy move


I’d love to visit Montenegro.

I wonder if this move will see an influx of UAE tourists or not?

Also, the first time I’ve seen the use of the word ‘ambassadress’. I always find it odd when people use ‘actor’ or ‘waiter’ to describe what I grew up calling an ‘acrtress’ or ‘waitress’, but in this case I find myself confronting my linguistic and sexist prejudices.

Latest crime news


‘The woman reportedly told police she did not know why she was naked and declined to explain her actions.’

Unusual crime report from the Gulf News.

Poor woman.




Most of these drivers seem to think the laws of physics don’t apply to them. The truck driver placed a fire extinguisher as a warning? Doubtless three feet away from his truck, just like most of the morons who stop and place the red triangle thing inches away from their car instead of fifty plus metres further down the road, or the construction workers who provide three metres of warning before closing a lane on a 100kmph stretch of motorway, albeit with some cannon fodder waving a red flag in the darkness.

What is it? Culture? Education? How stupid do you have to be not to understand these fundamentals?