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Family photo



Fossil Rock


A nice pootle off to Fossil Rock the other day.

I enjoyed driving the Patrol more this time. Totally different to the Jeep – I’ve complained before about the tiptronic not staying in gear under high revs, but on this trip I left things in drive and kept the revs lower, with the mighty beast pulling me up some steep dunes quite easily. More floating along rather than ploughing through. I’d still prefer more control, but…

The saddle of Fossil Rock has become quite eroded, which makes for quite a fun negotiation downwards before the sand begins again. My Patrol scraped the rock a bit and it sounded horrendous, but there was no damage to be seen at all. Rock and metal just sounds terrible, even if it’s just a scratch.

Here’s Matt going over it.

Here’s me.

Here’s how you get over a fence.