Zara’s first Christmas concert

Zara is now going to Blossom Nursery three days a week now that Mrs Saul has started work part time.

At my nursery we played with stickle brick and fell off the concrete ‘steam engine’ onto the tarmac.

Blossom has a huge soft play area, full care for babies, weird robotic sleeping pods, drumming lessons and French and Arabic. I’m amazed.

Most of the staff are Filipinas and seem genuinely to adore the kids.

Zara loves it and we have had, so far, no problems dropping her off.

Today there was a Christmas concert. This consisted of the staff dressing up and singing various non-religiously specific ‘holiday’ songs, although one in Spanish actually had the words ‘feliz navidad’, the only specific mention of Christmas!

Most of the babies and toddlers sat there looking baffled or crying, but Zara seemed to join in quite happily. She’s at the front, the last one in a red dress.

xmax concert.jpg


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