Last month’s Nigeria trip

All the work done in Nigeria is paying off – the last two years’ of travel were worth it.

This last trip was utterly exhausting on the way home. The usual one hour or so journey from hotel to airport took just over three and a quarter hours – terrifying traffic, rain, awful roads. I was convinced we’d have an accident and I’d find myself stuck in a dangerous area. My imagination began to run a bit wild.

We made it to the airport though. Just before immigration there was a power cut, which left the terminal in semi-darkness. AC was working, barely, in the lounge, which was a relief. The walk to the gate was beginning to get frightening – pitch darkness, with water dripping from the ceiling. If I hadn’t walked the route before, I’d have been completely lost.

The only light was the glow of the PC monitor at the Emirates gate. On a positive note, due to the darkness I managed to walk past the security ‘pat down’ where G4S employees ask you if you have a ‘gift’ or ‘souvenir’ for them.

I have never been so pleased to see an Emirates employee.

There were some other interesting moments on this trip.


My driver from airport to hotel ran a red light and armed police stopped us. They have Chinese made AK47s with a ‘wood look’ plastic stock. Odd choice for police work. After lots of shouting, driving around the corner, more shouting and then a slow drive towards, I was told, the police station, I told my driver he had to sort things out – I was not going to spend the afternoon in a police station. My hotel was around the corner.

Things were ‘sorted out’ for $18, much below the usual price ‘if there’s a white man’, which would have been around $50, I was told.

The police car was right to stop him. I couldn’t help notice that the police pick up had no rear lights and was half smashed to pieces.


I can imagine this guy giving great customer support. A character, I am sure.


Far from the gentler roads of Florida.



Full page birthday wishes.


I love these old Range Rovers, still working as tow trucks.


Traffic was so bad on the way to one customer we got out of the car and walked. It was a bit scary when I fell behind a bit, not being used to walking through so many cars and people.


Wherever we’re waiting at customers’ premises, there’s usually some Christian literature. Not the sort of healings I used to read about at Church as a child. I don’t quote know what ‘cancelling with the blood of Jesus’ means. To the glory of God, the nail was defecated out though. Thanks goodness for that.


Sly shot of the Irish Embassy’s G-Wagen.


Prime beachside property, apparently left empty for years. Lagos confuses me when it comes to property. Most partners seem to have their offices in converted residential accommodation, as do several banks I usually visit.


A great advert for Guiness. Caption competition? ‘The morning after’?


Traffic on the way to the airport.


Another classic Land Rover, with no functioning lights and one too many passengers.



Life expectancy of a man delivering leaflets in the traffic, on roller-skates? Similar to that of WW1 fighter pilots, I imagine.


For no apparent reason, this man was attracting attention by wiggling his bottom and wearing a skirt. It made me want to buy some tiles immediately.


Vanity licence plate?


The Camry drove through water I’d have been nervous taking the Patrol through.


This appears to be a cattle truck, transporting lots of men.


Crossing the bridge. There’s always room for one more.


The sky bridge to the plane.


Finally! Light and Emirates staff!


And back to this.

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