The race is on

Thanks to the recent ‘fee’ changes (see last post) we’ve been galvanising the troops to get our mortgage processed this week.

If it doesn’t happen, either we or the sellers will have to cough up a large sum. The sellers are supposed to split the fee 50/50, but… We can manage it – but if for some reason we hadn’t been able to and the sellers refused to pay, we could have ended up in nasty situation, with the worst outcome meaning pulling out of the sale, which could mean the sellers demanding their rights as per the MoU, which would take a third of our deposit from us and leave us with no new home and a massive hole in our finances. I don’t think it would have come to that, but I’m sure some people will find themselves in an awful situation.

It looks like we can get all the paperwork together so that things can go through on Wednesday or Thursday. However, this all hangs on Zurich Life Insurance processing in a day what they claim usually takes three and which friends have seen drag out over two weeks.

Fingers crossed everyone can work together on this.

This is all happening just at the end of work’s financial quarter. I am losing track of the discounts, letters of credit, MoUs, delivery dates, updates, corrections and other things whirling around!

Wish us luck.

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