Back home

Home tomorrow – 0400 get up, 0840 plane, arrive at 1840 Dubai time. Fortunately it’s a big A380 and we have business class seats, somehow having been able to get them months ago for the same price as premium economy for a previously planned trip that had to be rescheduled.

Apologies in advance for anyone expecting a quiet journey – it might get noisy.


This has been the longest holiday I have ever had, I think, since I started working in 1998. It took me a week to calm down, finally switching my BlackBerry email off eight days after officially being on holiday. I managed to keep it off for most of the remainder of a lovely three and a half weeks away.

We spent all of it in Milton Keynes with my mother-in-law, with trips down to London and one night for me staying over in the big smoke after an evening out with friends. My father caught up with Zara for one afternoon and we all saw various friends. A good balance of not doing too much.

Naturally, just as we are leaving we seem to be getting into a workable routine with Zara, with who does what being evened out, although I have been informed I am still not quite pulling my weight. I have done my best, honest. I’m sure I could do more though. I’m best with specific tasks that have a beginning and an end – bath time, looking after her for an hour and a half from her waking up at around six in the morning. The open ended ‘take her for a bit’ sessions I still struggle with.

It’s been fantastic and very relaxing. Great weather. Aside from the cost of the flights, not too expensive either. So as not to overdo it, after four working days we’re off again from Tuesday to Sunday to a wedding in Istanbul. No Emirates for this trip – FlyDubai all the way. This will be an experience…









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