Goodbye, Will

I was shocked to learn that Will Stringer passed away today.

I met Will through Mark Steele, his cousin, who is a friend of ours here in Dubai. Will had been working with the FCO in Oman and Dubai. He joined us on a few trips and evenings out, the most recent being Mark’s stag do, less than a year ago. I liked Will a lot, even though I didn’t see that much of him. One of those people you think would be a good friend if the time and circumstances allowed.

He had been suffering from leukaemia and was back in the UK for treatment. He leaves behind a wife and two small children.


2 Responses to “Goodbye, Will”

  1. arafaanverhussain127$ Says:

    Hey Christopher, Because of your blog and this entry, I finally can get in touch with Wills wife who was an amazing friend of mine and colleague here in Dubai. Ever since his sad demise, I ve lost her contact details and have been googling her for the past 2 years. Until I finally typed Will Stringer and found your blog!! You have no idea how much I ve been trying to look for even a trace. Mark Steele was such a familiar name.. I looked him up through our data base as he was a client of ours and Eureka!!! There he was!!

    Thanks to you and your blog!! I will finally be reunited to the bravest girl I know!

    Thank you

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