Best of the Jeep

I’ve had my Wrangler for just over ten years now.

I love the new Patrol – but should I have bought a manual? Probably, but the automatic makes so much more sense in Dubai traffic. When the Patrol was off the road (as opposed to off road!) over Christmas after the accident, I loved driving the Wrangler again, especially in the desert.

I can’t believe we used to use the Wrangler as the ‘more comfy car’ back before Mrs Saul was upgraded from the Vitara to the wonderful-yet-disgracefully-awful Range Rover.

Here’s a selection of pics. Probably too many, but I enjoyed going back through the archives. I can’t believe how much fun we had in the Wrangler – which is still going strong in perfect working order.


Area 53 Dec 07 037.jpg

Area 53 Dec 07 089.jpg

Area 53 Feb 08 023.jpg


Fossil Rock Nov 06 042.jpg

sept-05-wadi-tayyibeh 020.jpg

Maha route 154.jpg

Maha route 117.jpg

Maha route 067.jpg




t-bday-feb-frolic 094.jpg

wadi-assimah-jan-05 055.jpg


wadi-bih 098.jpg

wadi-bih 062.jpg

wadi-bih 034.jpg

Fossil Rock 029.jpg

Area 53 Dec 07 086.jpg

Area 53 Dec 07 087.jpg

Area 53 Dec 07 136.jpg

Becca-Nov-Dubai-04 059.jpg

cairo-algiers-fossil-rock-dec-05 033.jpg

dec-drive-2004 044.jpg

dec-drive-2004 044.jpg

Fossil Rock March 08 059.jpg

Fossil Rock Nov 06 035.jpg

gerhardt-liwa-dec-04 023.jpg

gerhardt-liwa-dec-04 068.jpg

gerhardt-liwa-dec-04 095.jpg

gerhardt-liwa-dec-04 133.jpg

khassab-trip-nov-2003 191.jpg

Pink Rock Nov 06 132.jpg

Wadi Madha 015.jpg

Wadi Madha 076.jpg

wadi-tayyibeh-jun-05 020.jpg


One Response to “Best of the Jeep”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    great pictures…the little thing’s got heaps of character!

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