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Drumming with your shirt off


Hard to believe YouTube is only eight years old.

Here’s Lynryddyd Skynrddyd playing Free Bird on the Old Grey Whistle Test.

I always have to think of my father during these moments, travelling all over the place in the 80s and 90s, usually unable even to phone home. I’m sitting in Accra updating my forecast whilst watching classic rock moments from the 70s, just after chatting to Mrs Saul and looking at pictures of Baby Saul sent to me during the day.

There’s a post about being fairly disconnected during a recent trip to Ethiopia a few weeks ago in the works, but let’s enjoy some Southern Rock in the meantime.

Core services


Here are Dubai Police’s latest additions driving around my neighbourhood.

I love the look on the guy’s faces as they take a look.

New Saudi weekend


Interesting to see Saudi may make the switch – I hadn’t realised that Oman has already done so.

I like the optimism expressed by some – see the last paragraph.

It’s not much fun changing things around if you are an observant muslim. With the Thursday, Friday weekend you get to have fun on Weds night, relax on Thursday and get things done, then spend Friday at the mosque and with family, then get into bed early to start work on Saturday.

With the switch you don’t really get an evening free with time to take it easy the following morning, so I can see why people don’t prefer it.

It just makes no sense in a modern economy though. Doing business with Saudi can be a real pain – you have three working days when everyone is in synch and this delays things. Let’s see if they make the change. My guess is it’ll happen in five years.

She didn’t know what he was sleeping naked


What a sorry tale.

Classic UAE court story though.

Monster Truck


Here’s our friend Thorsten’s new ride. 1979 Ford F250 with a bit of customisation.


Very practical for transporting wife and baby to BBQs in.

About $6,000 from eBay, amazingly registered with the Dubai authorities – not sure how he got that through!

I can’t imagine a pick up truck sold in the UK in 1979 coming with air con, cruise control, three point seat belts – and certainly not a 7 litre V8 that does about 8 miles to the gallon.

Apparently the suspension is very stiff and bouncy. I’m hoping to have a go in it in the desert at some point though.

Thorsten’s other car is… A Unimog.