The Oaf be gone

After I posted this, my father dropped a line to Heathrow customer services.

Below is the reply. May The Oaf be banned for ever more.

Let’s see what happens. Come the summer, I expect the guys to have, at the very least, spat out their gum and ironed their uniforms. The benchmark should be Dubai Airport staff, who always look great.

“Dear Mr Saul,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about the state of our security officers at Terminal 3.

We do expect all our staff to look professional, clean and smart at all times.

It was extremely useful to receive your feedback which I have passed on to the manager at the terminal. We will use your comments as a prompt to remind all staff of the importance of how they present themselves.

Once again I am sorry you both picked up on this. We always welcome and appreciate any comments which help us to improve our service, so thank you again for getting in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Katie Locke
Passenger Communications Advisor / Heathrow”

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