Just finishing a lovely trip home to the UK – flew back Thursday last week, went to a wedding in Suffolk, spent two nights with my father in Richmond, caught up with friends, walked around London. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Am now sitting in the Emirates lounge, waiting to get on the A380 back to Dubai. As always I am thinking that I could quite happily spend a few days in the lounge – the food, service, ambience, etc, are excellent.

Also, as always, I was shocked at the state of the various security personnel employed in Heathrow, whether directly employed by the government or working for third party companies. How can someone who checks boarding passes at the security gate be allowed to turn up to work unshaven, with clothes that look like he slept in them – and then sit at his post chewing gum? Pretty much everyone wearing a uniform in Heathrow (aside from Emirates staff) looks incredibly scruffy. It’s a real shame.

One Response to “Oaf”

  1. jkprime Says:

    My big annoyance is the incredibly personal chit chat between screeners at the security checkpoints. I get to be naked scanned and hear all about your last drunken night out. Sounds great, can I go through again?

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