Jack Reacher – dismal

We watched Jack Reacher last night. What an absolutely load of utter tripe.

Started brutally and unpleasantly, but in a way that made you want to find out more. The rest of the film was simply appalling.

Incoherent, utterly unbelievable, unpleasant and unnecessarily violent, wooden acting.

We went to see it as The Life of Pi was sold out, thinking that Tom Cruise, with some British assistance (Rosamund Pike, plus that bloke off Spooks) might be quite enjoyable.

It was just dreadful. I am astonished that anyone has given it a positive review.

I can’t add any more. This film has already wasted too much of my life.

One Response to “Jack Reacher – dismal”

  1. rizdiniz Says:

    Thanks Chris, you’ve just saved me £2.95 on a ticket and a few hours of my life, which I can spend having a good lie down. If you want some decent American entertainment I recommend giving the “Breaking Bad” series a shot.

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