Every time I find myself musing about the general improvement of driving standards in Dubai, my expectations are quickly reset.

Driving down the Boulevard yesterday, the driver of a Mitsubishi truck decided to take an illegal left turn down a service road that is there to allow traffic to cross the Boulevard. It is not a left turn for drivers on the Boulevard itself. There’s a clear sign saying ‘no u-turn’.

He was in the middle lane, I was in the outside lane. There was no way I could have predicted he would suddenly turn left. He indicated but turned at the same time, without checking his mirrors, pulling straight in front of me.

I hit him sideways on, pushing his truck along onto the central reservation (a flower bed, the earth in which provided something of a cushioning effect and probably avoided triggering my airbags).

No one was hurt, but I went to A and E later as my right foot was swelling up. It’s just a sprain from pressing so hard on the brake.

The police turned up fairly quickly after I call them and seemed to rather enjoy the whole event, being quite jolly and efficient. They didn’t take long to decide who was to blame. Apparently this is the second accident this driver had been in four months. Miraculously he was able to drive his truck away.

He never apologised.

My lovely Patrol is almost certainly a write off. Given the state it’s in, I don’t really want it repaired! Fortunately the same model is still available in Dubai, so hopefully I can replace it.

This is why we drive big cars here. To protect ourselves from utter idiots who should be driving donkeys in Peshawar, not ten ton trucks in a modern city. The driver is the guy in the middle of the last photo.




2 Responses to “Crunch”

  1. rizdiniz Says:

    When somebody is clearly guilty of an accident like this, they should have their airbags removed and a spike implanted in the centre of their steering wheel. This would encourage a much more cautious approach on their part.

    • Christopher saul Says:

      I agree Riz. That would be very effective! One good side effect of this is that there are now very clear signs on the road so only a total idiot would now do what this total idiot did. Hang on…

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