Mystery Defender

While we were filling up for today’s drive, a group of Land Rover Defender owners pulled up.

Three of the Defenders looked stunning – all very new models, fully kitted out with extra petrol cans, tents, etc. (If the Defender weren’t so uncomfortable, expensive, equipped with useless air con and diesel engined, I might have been envious).

One Defender was a bit different though. See below. I love the USB charger plugged into the cigarette lighter – quite a contrast between old and new.

Apart from the fact that this long wheel base, soft top Defender looked as if it had spent the last five years sitting outside and was generally falling to pieces, I noticed that it was a V8 petrol model and had a rusty axe and mallet bolted on to the bonnet.

There is a legend that, in the 90s, the UAE army bought a large number of these (long since discontinued) V8 models, which were then kept in a warehouse and not used. I have no idea if this is true or not, but you do occasionally see one driving around by people with waste who managed to get hold of one. I’ve heard the story a couple of times.

This one looked like it was on its last legs. I’d love to have seen it driving – how does the V8 compare to the diesel in the dunes?



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