Driving around Big Red

Had a fantastic trip driving around some of the taller dunes around Big Red today. The sand was pretty hard after the rain a couple of weeks ago, meaning it was challenging but easier than usual to get pretty high up.

I decided to take the Wrangler and was pleased I did. Not as comfy getting there and back as when in the Patrol, but great fun to drive on the sand – probably more so than the big Nissan. Being a manual has a lot to do with it – you just have more control. Even though the Patrol has a tiptronic setting, it still changes up when you last want it to.

Wrangler reflected on Alan’s FJ.


Alan wedged himself nicely in a bowl, popping a tyre in the process. A quick pull and he was out. We used my compressor to reinflate – it popped back perfectly on the rim. Text book operation.


Stop stop stop stop stop! Even the worst stucks can be surprisingly easily resolved. Simon could actually have pulled Alan out a lot faster. The idea is to ‘pop’ the car out, rather than drag it and potentially get bogged down yourself, with the rope still taut.

You can’t really tell, but we’re pretty high up.




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