AC truce

One of the interesting side effects about the imminent arrival of Scanleyetta is that Mrs Saul is happy for the AC to be set down a couple of degrees to what generally suits me.

AC wars, where one person gets up in the night and changes the temperature have ceased. The other morning I was even feeling a bit cold under the duvet.

I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

One Response to “AC truce”

  1. Gary Ward Says:

    This is a true story of a friend of mine. His parents (living in the frozen North of England) had an electric blanket with two controls, one for each side of the blanket. On the occasion of their 50th wedding aniversary, during a party at the parents house, my friend went upstairs and crossed over the control wiring to the two sides of the blanket. During the night, his Mum felt cold and turned her control up. Then his Dad felt warm and turned his control down…….

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