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Why you take someone else’s Range Rover into the desert


Lovely footage of the new Range in the desert, but check out the way the bumper bends, eleven seconds in.

This is why you borrow someone else’s car!

I would never intentionally launch my Patrol or Wrangler off a dune at that speed, but I am a cautious type. Still there are plenty of occasions where you might come down at that angle. The Range’s bumper is full of sensors, windscreen washer bottle, etc – lots to break. Or is it meant to bend like that and still look pristine?

Analogue monitoring


This is fun.

Long ago, I had a daydream about putting together some old 60s style/StarTrek lights and tapes that you could fit into spare slots into a rack, to decorate your data centre, flashing or whizzing around depending on something you could measure, such as network activity.

I reckon you could probably make a little cash selling something like this over the web, though I can’t see many professional data centres allowing that sort of thing through the door. Would certainly be a talking about, as well as a good laugh though!

Lucky Sheikh Mo


First new Rangie delivered to him three days ago!

Range Rover must be praying it doesn’t break down.

AC truce


One of the interesting side effects about the imminent arrival of Scanleyetta is that Mrs Saul is happy for the AC to be set down a couple of degrees to what generally suits me.

AC wars, where one person gets up in the night and changes the temperature have ceased. The other morning I was even feeling a bit cold under the duvet.

I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Nice work if you can get it


Nice to hear bus passengers will be safer as well.

Bye bye, Rangie


Mrs Saul’s Range Rover has been sold to a certain Mr Ayman (for a bit less than I wanted to get, but what to do yanni!).

She has a new Pathfinder to replace it. AED154,000, full options, 5 years’ unlimited mileage warranty, two free services, free rear sensors, free insurance. Only one moment in the showroom where I had to get cross to try and persuade someone to sell us a car.

The Range Rover was lovely, but as lots of fascinating blog posts here have discussed, ridiculously unreliable and costly to maintain. Shamefully so, to be honest, though it doesn’t’ seem to hurt their sales.

The new Nissan should be comfy, reliable and safe. I won’t be taking it into the desert (feels like it wouldn’t be much fun in the sand anyway) but it can easily handle wadis, beach, kerb, etc. It’s a shame they don’t do the V8 version here, but the V6 version is pretty smooth and (relatively!) economical. Mrs Saul preferred it to the Prado. Plus the Toyota salesmen made even less effort to sell us something than the Nissan people initially did.


In a parallel manoeuvre, Mrs Saul decided to get her driving licence updated with her married name. I enjoyed seeing this poster in the RTA office we visited –


The UK equivalent would have kids hooning around in a Vauxhall Nova. The UAE version has lads out and about in $100,000 Range Rover Sports. Accurate, at least!