Don’t throw the fax machine away just yet

My Algerian visa application was rejected the last time, as the invitation letter was addressed to the Algerian consulate in London, not in Dubai. Big difference.

This time it was rejected as the invitation letter was a print out of a scanned copy sent by email. It had to be a faxed copy, so that, apparently, the consulate could read the sender’s phone number, even though this was clearly listed on the invitation letter itself and the invitation letter contained all the requested info, along with the company stamp.

Next up, will cash be accepted, or will I have to pay in gold nuggets after sending a hand written begging letter attached to a pigeon?

Still none of this is as bad as the day Libya decided that you had to have an Arabic translation of your passport page in order to get in. This was decided one morning without informing the hundreds of foreign visitors already on their way, who all had to return on the next available flights – flights which were all booked out taking people home.

Fortunately this didn’t affect me, but it did hit a few of my colleagues…


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