Skip uni, never work in the Gulf

Lots of articles in the UK press at the moment about A-level students not going to university as they are put off by the though of being in debt, now that they have to pay the fees themselves.

I think it’s crazy to expect everyone to go to university, but it’s equally crazy for people to miss out on doing something academically worthwhile when they are capable, just because they are concerned about being in debt. Most of these people would be happy to rack up huge debts via a mortgage, but are scared of taking out what are easily repayable loans at extremely attractive rates.

This debt is not credit card debt – it is close to free money to help you better yourself, broaden your horizons and improve your career prospectives.

It would be nice if the government still covered university fees, but the loans scheme is the next best thing. Far better than a graduate tax in terms of value for money.

To get a decent job in the Gulf you need to prove you have a university degree. The degree does not always need to match the job you’ll be doing, but you will, typically, need to be a graduate. Having a master’s degree on top of that can also help – changing jobs without a six month employment ban if you’re not working in a free zone, for example.

I wonder how many Brits who are now going straight from school to vocational, employer funded accountancy or similar ‘on the job’ training will find themselves unable to work over here and in other emerging markets in a few years’ time, thanks to the lack of a degree?


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