Ghana bound

I’m off to Accra on Sunday – just over six years since my last visit.

Hopefully this time I won’t get flea bites on my ankles.

I was impressed by Accra when I last visited – apparently it’s even better now.

Annoyingly, they only gave me a single entry visa. This sort of thing drives me nuts – why take a whole page in my passport for a single entry? What’s stopping me getting a multiple entry? If they want more money, just charge more for a multiple. Anything’s better than constantly filling up a whole passport page with a stupid page sized visa sticker.

My main memory from my last trip was meeting Moses, who worked for the Sun partner there at the time. Moses had been part of a group of Ghanaians who had studied in Washington during the last 60s/early 70s on a scholarship. Of the group of ten or more, Moses was the only one who came back to work in Ghana. When he worked for IBM in the 70s, he had to call his manager occasionally, as you might expect. The problem was that he’d sometime have to wait for up to 18 hours for the community phone to be free. His US based manager could never understand why Moses didn’t call on time or more frequently and Moses could never get him to believe the hassles he went through just to place a call.

Plus ça change. Many of my US colleagues still can’t grasp the fact that mobile phone coverage and internet speeds might not be as fast in Africa as they are in the Bay area. Still, at least they are pretty ubiquitous in African’s main cities now.

I don’t remember Accra having any power cuts during my last visit, plus getting around was fairly easy. Much as I like my Nigerian colleagues, it’ll be a pleasant change to be in Accra rather than Lagos!


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