New Camry

You can use conventional measurements of time to work out how long you’ve been in Dubai, or you can base your calculations on how many versions of the Camry have passed through the ranks of Dubai’s taxis.

I think this is the fifth version we’re starting to see on the streets now?

I’ve burbled on here before about how reliable they are and how they’re preferred by all the drivers. They have rear AC, unlike the Hyundai’s and Altimas, never seem to break, but have always looked pretty Japanese and jelly mould blobulous*. I’d never consider buying one – even if they can do 850,000Kms in three years without breaking down once, they’ve always been weird looking Japanese cars.

The new range is a bit different though – as well as being an excellent car, it actually looks good too. If I were in the market for a new saloon, I’d consider it.

You can have a look here.

The interior looks pretty good as well – the dash is fairly uncluttered. The version used by the taxis even has a leather look covering the top of the dash that wouldn’t look out of place in a much more upmarket vehicle.

My one complaint is that the taxi companies still don’t seem to give their drivers a version that comes with cruise control, which always leads to the situation described in this news article.

* ‘Blobulous’ is a technical term.


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