More construction

Took a quick drive around our area yesterday – lots of hoardings have come down and you start to get a feel of what the finished item will look like.

There’s a new mosque being built near us. If it’s anything like a lot of the new mosques that have come up in Dubai recently, it should look very stylish. I’m hoping it won’t be noisy enough to wake us up, but I do enjoy hearing the azan when visiting friends in Jumeirah, for example. It’s easy to forget you’re living in Dubai when you are where we are.

Business Bay is starting to look good and you now have a great view of Executive Towers. My worry is that a lot of the empty space in the area will end up having more disparate towers shoved in, turning that part of town into the same crowded nightmares you find elsewhere. A little space and a little parkland would really make it stand out. I don’t hold out much hope though, based on the nightmares that have been put up in Barsha, JLT, JBR, etc. Perhaps some common sense will prevail? I honestly believe that people would make more money out of an area that’s truly aesthetically pleasing and attracts people who want to live there and will pay a premium to do so.

More worryingly, the developer seems to be rushing ahead to fill up the Boulevard with as many shiny things as it can think of.

New access areas for the underground car park have been built. Naturally they are shiny, block existing views and, in some case, are built bizarrely close to the road. It’s not going to take long for someone to drive into one.

A new pointless bit of digital signage has gone up near Dubai Mall. Like its cousin on the other side of the road, it is used to advertise the Dubai Mall to people who are already going to the Dubai Mall. Still, this is better than the digital signage on Sheikh Zayed Road that is used to advertise itself.

Six small concrete bases with power points have been put in around our junction – ready for tasteful, helpful signs or garish digital hideousness? I’m really hoping it’s the former, but based on the current plans to crowd the area with as much tackiness as possible, I’m not holding my breath.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at the meetings where this stuff gets planned or decided…


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