Thoughts on the opening ceremony

Only a week and a half late, but…

I thought it was totally bonkers but mostly brilliant.

The skydiving Queen bit was odd – funny, but I thought a bit disrespectful.

I didn’t like the bit where the girls loses her phone and then snogs the bloke who found it on a drunken night out. Perhaps fairly representative of British life, but I felt it didn’t fit.

I’m not an Arctic Monkey fan in general, but I thought they were excellent and looked very, very cool. I need to grow a quiff. Their rendition of ‘Come Together’ showed they are excellent musicians as well – they can play other people’s songs and not just their own. (Jesus Wore Ray Bans steered clear of covers…)

I’m so pleased to see the Olympics going well and the UK generally surfing on a bit of a high at the moment.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on the opening ceremony”

  1. Alan Hargreaves Says:

    Christopher, apparently the request to take part in the opening came from the palace. All reports that I have seen is that the Queen took this as a great bit of fun. It was another opportunity to show off what a great sense of humor she has.

    About the Arctic Monkeys, I have to agree about how good their rendition was. On a side note, how nervous would you be playing that knowing that Sir Paul was to perform later in the gig?

    I actually only got to see the last hour of it (twice) from my hotel in Beijing (home now), and no-one recorded it at home 😦 I did manage to catch the Bond vid before it got yanked down from youtube.

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