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Some Pics


I’ve not used my lovely little Pentax H90 very much since buying it last year. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the camera on my BlackBerry is ‘good enough’ for sharing quick images. Secondly, I have such a large memory card in the Pentax that laziness gets the better of me as it never fills up, so I never need to transfer the photos.

I carried it around today, took some pics and finally got around to copying across the photos I’d taken over the last twelve months. I’m quite pleased with the results and have decided to make more of an effort to keep the camera with me as often as possible now. It’s so small, so cheap and takes such nice pictures, I should stop worrying about damaging it or losing it and just get the best out of it. Video quality is also impressive for something that cost eighty quid and is smaller than a cigarette packet.

Here are some nice snaps, in no particular order. Take a look at Riz’s blog for some nice Pentax pics, like this frog.)

New Yoik.

Aug 11 to July 12-507.JPG  


Aug 11 to July 12-512.JPG

Cropped hovering insecty thing.

Aug 11 to July 12-525.JPG

Konstanz’s Munster.

Aug 11 to July 12-341.JPG

Rob in his Wrangler, scaling Fossil Rock.

Aug 11 to July 12-372.JPG


Aug 11 to July 12-390.JPG

Bangkok street food.

Aug 11 to July 12-447.JPG

Clotted cream.

Aug 11 to July 12-069.JPG

Nice Citroen in Notting Hill.

Aug 11 to July 12-121.JPG


Aug 11 to July 12-199.JPG

More Paris.

Aug 11 to July 12-203.JPG