More Lagos pics

Some pics from my last, very productive, trip to sunny Lagos.

My hear sank when I saw the melee around the gate while leaving. Someone actually punched me in the ribs. EK really need to up their game in manning the queueing process from certain locations…


Lots of traffics jams, as usual, especially when it rained.


The thunderstorm we had was pretty violent, came from nowhere and caused flooding everywhere. I drove off to see a customer just as it began. It was quite frightening. You can’t really see it here, but here’s the entrance to the Four Points, just as the rain poured down.


This okada driver’s bike chose just the wrong moment to break down. Poor chap.


The smoke from the small fire you can see on the right hand side of the picture permeated the hotel for a while. It smelt awful.


I love seeing these German signs on the side of so many vehicles here. It always looks like someone’s made a wrong turn in Stuttgart and ended up in Lagos.


Sturdy Series III still going strong.


Emissions test needed?



Public transport.

IMG-20120614-00707.jpg IMG-20120614-00708.jpg


Duty Free were advertising some interesting Marlboro ‘cigarettes’… The joys of using the first photo you find on the web when putting together an advert for your shop!



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