Construction everywhere

Mrs Saul and I have been looking around to see if there’s somewhere we like that’s a bit bigger than our current two bed apartment.

Everything’s just not quite right. Nice apartment, awful view. Great villa, no garden. Great garden, villa too small. Villa too old and falling to pieces but has nice fittings. Villa brand new but decorated by a blind Chinamen with a Louis XIV obsession.

You get the picture. Fortunately we’re not in a massive hurry, so we can wait to find something that we really like.

Looking around some of the apartments in our Old Town area, I’ve realised how lucky we’ve been to have a ‘finished view’ for the last five years plus we’ve been living there. Although the tops of some surrounding towers have started appearing on the horizon, we’ve been looking out onto something complete since we moved in. So many other apartments are still looking out onto construction sites.

It also saddens me to see construction in our general area continuing apace, with apparently no lessons learnt from other areas. Business Bay, when finished, will probably resemble other new areas of Dubai – a badly planned mishmash of low quality construction, baffling road layout and clashing building designs. It’s such a shame – it’s not going to be bad, but it could have been so good, with just a little bit more planning and forethought.

Biscuit enjoys the view too.



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