Sleek and Stylish

A fascinating update on our new lamp posts from the community newsletter.

“Stunning new street and pedestrian

lighting will soon be operational and

spectacularly visible within our

communities secondary streets.The

avante (sic) garde design utilizes the same

style for both pedestrian and street

lights, while echoing the shape, scale

and magnificence of the 828 metres

high Burj Khalifa.

The 18 metre high conical columns of

the street lights taper upwards to a

point and are made of brushed steel.

The cross arm that houses the warm,

energy and maintenance efficient

white lighting system is made of

polished steel that provides a striking

contrast to the brushed steel of the


The final effect is spectacular street

and pedestrian lighting that befits and compliments our community.”

No mention of the millions of dirhams spent replacing perfectly good lighting, the fact that they block the view of the buildings, cast a contrasting light, crowd the pavements and provide a great platform for pigeons to create a mess on.

The general theme at the developer seems to be ‘put up something shiny’ when faced with any kind of issue.

Recently, our clear view of the Burj Khalifa when driving out of our road has been blocked by a sign advertising some kebab shops. Apparently, this new sign ‘increases the value of my home’. The sign can only be clearly seen by people who actually live in the development, as they’re the only ones using the road from which it can be clearly viewed – but we know the restaurants are there already… People driving down the road looking for the kebab places won’t see it until they’re level with it, which is then too late. So we have a big, pointless shiny sign that blocks a view. All that was needed was some discrete signs at the side of the road.

Elsewhere we have a new shiny spike sticking up in the air, generally crowding things. Apparently it’s meant to honour those who built the Burj Khalifa, though there is no mention of this in clear sigh. It’s just a big shiny thing, sitting there for no apparent reason.

Another new addition will be a huge walkway for pedestrians coming from the metro station. This is going to snake up from the metro station to the Dubai Mall, crowding the area further and blocking the view of more nice buildings. I feel sorry for the various cafe and shop owners who have rented space in these buildings, presumably to capture some of the footfall from passing pedestrians, who will now lose most of that traffic to people using the walkway.

Don’t worry though, the new walkway will be shiny. And probably sleek, too.

One minor intelligent addition – one of the hotels has a new driveway, meaning that guests are no longer forced to access the hotel by driving into the mall carpark. This has been built quite well, but does beg the question – who designed the original access way for this five star hotel in the first place? Who thought driving through shopping mall car park would be a good idea.

I should also be pleased that the hideous digital signage that advertises the Dubai Maill to people visiting the Dubai Mall only seems to be switched on at certain times (although I notice that the Marina Mall has started distracting drivers on the SZR with a massive new digital sign beaming drivel onto the road users below.

Sorry readers, feeling grumpy again.


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