The Renault Flatulence

Renault is a brand that I would simple never consider buying.

I think this stems from sharing the school run with a family who had a Renault 9 with vinyl seats.

At the time, the Saul family had an Austin Princess with the gear stick in the right place and velour type seats. In comparison, the Jarmaine’s Renault seemed like something from outer space, but in a bad way. Renault equalled weird oddness and burnt, sticky legs.

Ever since then, when looking at buying a car, I have never even considered Renault. The last time they impinged on my consciousness was during the advertising campaign for the Megane, which, bafflingly, appeared to focus on the fact that the car had a big arse.

The latest Renault campaign is ever worse. They appear to have two new cars – one called the ‘Fluence’ (you just have to call it the Flatulence) and the other the ‘Duster’.

The Duster? What next? The Broom? The Renault Vacuum Cleaner?

This has been accompanied by an ad campaign with signs along the Sheikh Zayed Road featuring pictures of people with looks of pain and sadness on their faces, with the Renault logo next to them. This instantly associates Renault with pain and sadness, in my mind.

I’d love to meet the people at Renault who thought up these names and the associated ads.

In the meantime, I will continue never wanting to buy a Renault.

4 Responses to “The Renault Flatulence”

  1. alexander Says:

    That campaign left me with the very self same thought!

  2. Jan Says:

    You know, not everyone have a lot of money. 5 years ago i buyed Scenic for 4000 euros and now i’m selling it for 2000. I spent only 2000 euros + fuel + battery + oil + brake pads and done 70 000 km. It was smooth and comfortable ride. And price for 1 km? VW, Fo.. would have 2-times more, bm, merc 3-times etc..
    Got it?

  3. Jan Says:

    yes, it is 🙂 i’m just wondering, if people who reading this actually undersatand the meaning of word…

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