A great article here about Germany’s asparagus season.

I remember being astonished whilst staying in Rahden in 1996, when the grotty local punk/hippy/crazies bar I used to go to, went Spargel crazy.

Georg, who ran the Klimperkasten, had a load of people over for a Saturday afternoon of eating apparatus, cooked up in a huge outdoor pot, with tonnes of hollandaise sauce and (if I remember correctly) new potatoes. It was delicious. The time of year was just right – Georg’s power had been cut off and his generator had fallen apart, but the ambient room temperature meant the crates of Herforder Pilsner were still cold enough. Fortunately it was warm enough to cook outside, so the place didn’t burn down.

I can’t imagine any of the English equivalents of the characters that haunted the Klimperkasten having a clue about seasonal vegetables, or particularly enjoying eating them.

I must dig up the photos…

The Germans do seem more in touch with ‘real food’ than we are.


One Response to “Spargelzeit!”

  1. Corner House Says:

    So funny – I remember exactly the same thing from my two stints in Munich. Even my Mum mentioned Spargel the other day. It must be the only German word she knows but it is etched into her memory of visiting me there.

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