I pay for the fountain

Discovered yesterday that in addition to the fact that our developer will be completely ruining the whole area with the hideous new lamp posts they’re installing, I have actually contributed to pay for it.

The ‘Master Community Levy’ is a figure apparently plucked from thin air to land on our service fee invoices. It is used by the developer for various things. This year’s fee is currently being contested by the residents’ associations – a process made extremely lengthy by the fact that the developer has split the area into many small associations, forcing them to deal with the same problems over and over again, as the process appears to start from scratch with each association. One association will agree something – another in exactly the same sort of building will have to go through the same endless discussions, rather than the more practical approach of sharing information or standardising decisions across the development.

As mentioned here before, our service fees have been paying for the souk and for the gym which was meant to be for residents’ use but was privatised three months after we moved in.

Most stupidly of all, the MCL has been used to contribute to the maintenance of the Dubai Fountain! This means if you live in our area, you pay money towards a tourist attraction attached to the mall. This is like paying for the upkeep of the Tower of London because you live near it.

We’re also in the process of replacing the fridge (broken due to the cupboard it’s installed in not being adequately cooled), bath (broken as support under tub not installed properly), AC blower in the kitchen (noisy, local supplier provides substandard parts with no warranty as parts were chosen from a company with no local representation).

So why not sell up and move?

Because it’s a great place to live. But just because it’s better than somewhere else and some of it’s great, doesn’t mean I should be forced somewhere else due to other people’s incompetence.

There is some light – or rather lack of it – at the end of the tunnel. An advertising hoarding for the developer sitting on top of one of the towers has had its lights turned off by one residents’ association. The developer complained, but not surprisingly the association felt that since the lights are paid for by them, they’d prefer to use the money in other ways. Ho ho.


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