Old Beirut

Boggingtwitterfacebook friend Bluey posted this link to blog Old Beirut.


I don’t really have anything original to add about Beirut – it’s all been said before.

These photos are incredible though – they make you realise how Beirut today is exactly the same, yet totally different.

I haven’t visited a city that mixes the old, new, decrepit and modernised together in such a way. One moment you’re outside an abandoned bullet ridden hovel with one shop open on the ground floor selling dirty stationery with French brand names on the dusty covers, but with a brand new Range Rover parked outside – the next you’re walking out of a brand new bank HQ, with a decrepit 1970s Opel outside.

Not sure if I love Beirut yet, but I am warming to it.

ps I love this Opel Manta. But why is it still being driven? How does this car make economic or practical sense? It’s cool but not, cheap but expensive, simple yet impractical. How Beiruty can you get? Shoo habibi, why you drive it still?



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