I could have been a superstar

I’ve spent the afternoon playing along to various backing tracks on YouTube. It’s so much easier to learn guitar these days! Free backing tracks, chords for songs, tips and tricks, full lessons, paid for or otherwise.

Will all this mean we’ll see more skilled musicians, more people getting musical? I hope so.

I’d have given my right arm for something like this when I was learning the guitar.

It wasn’t all bad. I used to record my own backing tracks onto my parents’ Philips portable cassette player. Later on I had my own little stereo to help. Not quite as professional as the track linked to above though!


2 Responses to “I could have been a superstar”

  1. Alan Says:

    and it’s really not expensive to be able to make those backing tracks these days either, especially with tools like http://reaper.fm in combination with a usb mixer, a couple of reasonably nice (but inexpensive mikes) guitar and effects.

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