Some pics from my Lagos trips

I’ve really enjoyed my trips to Lagos this year.

Getting there’s not enormous fun – seeing 150 Nigerians racing towards the gate and nearly knocking the little Philipino Emirates employee who was trying to control the bordering process was both hilarious and frustrating. The flight there involves lots of pushing and shoving and general rude behaviour. A Chinese man actually stood on my bag to try to clamber past me in the immigration queue. Thou shalt not pass.

I felt I made progress on both trips – meeting the partners and some key customers. There’s a long slog ahead though, but that’s what I signed up for.

Here are some pictures – apologies for the quality, but the camera on BlackBerry is just at that ‘good enough’ level which means it’s hard to be bothered to get my ‘real’ camera out of my bag.

An ocada (motorbike taxi) driver takes a break.


Apartment building/large concrete advertising hoarding.


I don’t want to stay here, pet.


Range Rover! A classic from the 70s still working as a tow truck. I need to write an article on these beasts for a Land Rover magazine.


My driver’s comment when I pointed this out, was ‘oh, I think they are burning something down there’. No kidding. A tug boat had caught fire.


More Land Rovers. ‘They are very strong, sir. But not the new ones. Toyota better’. Sad.




Getting from a to b can be a challenge.


I was devastated that hotel policy wouldn’t allow money laundering.


This security lady had sellotaped the access card to a stick so that she didn’t need to stand up constantly to open the doors of the little security area we had to walk through to get into one customer’s office. Ingenious. I thought it was a fly swatter at first – I suspect it performs both functions.


If you’re at the Four Points Sheraton, they have a lovely outdoor bar with a great sax player. I think this guy was called Ebenezer – he certainly did a great, upbeat version of Careless Whisper, African-stylee.



2 Responses to “Some pics from my Lagos trips”

  1. Yori Says:

    Loved the security guard! Jeez i think we eat too much gari..the cyanide will kill our brains!

  2. The Bare Foot Gap Yah'rer Says:

    Ahh love that security lady! Love it! Genius!!

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