Non-joined up property thinking

Some news on the housing front.

Our newly formed temporary tenants’ association has discovered that our services fees for the last five years have included the cost of powering and cooling the shopping area and the gym/clubhouse. So, we’ve been paying for what the shops and the gym should be paying for. In addition, the gym/clubhouse was supposed to be free, but the developer privatised it – so to add insult to injury, we’ve been paying to cool and power a service we can’t even use. At least most of us go to the shops every now and then.

The rest of the old style lamp posts are being ripped up and the new ones that don’t match being installed. No word or explanation to tenants or owners – just something beautiful being ripped up and destroyed. Banal responses from the developer about ‘building a world class lifestyle destination’.

Our fridge has failed. When I called the official agent he immediately asked if I was in the Old Town. Chuckling when I said I was, he told me that the built in fridges are housed in a design that doesn’t allow sufficient cooling, so the compressors fail. He told me there was no warranty on any work they can do and that they constantly get complaints that after repairing things they break soon after. To be fair, our fridge has worked for four and a half years, so I’ll take my chances. It’s supposed to be under warranty, but that’s being disputed.

Replaced AC motor squeaks. Trying to get it replaced – the developer filled the buildings with AC equipment that has no local distributor. Apparently units have to be sourced from some guy working out of his bedroom somewhere. No warranty on any new kit and the quality is poor.

Still, the sun is shining and the area is lovely to live in. I just don’t understand what these small things can’t get sorted – forget about the poor investors, this short term thinking by the developers is just bad for business in Dubai. Build it properly and they’ll come and spend more.


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