Fines and fees rage

Frustrations. I wonder if anyone who runs some of the systems here ever really thinks very far beyond ‘the process’?

I followed the instructions to get the amount I pay for the municipality fee adjusted – the website simply says ‘your property is already registered’. The news article clearly stated that following the steps they outlined would mean I could submit my already registered property for a review of the fee. Meanwhile, friends of mine continue not to pay anything, even those who have tried to register, years after the municipality fee was supposedly being implemented across the emirate.

I note two violations from Salik on my car fines page. What could be the cause of this? Passing through the gate with no balance. How could this have happened? There is no auto top-up option of course and the sms reminder was sent to my old phone and I didn’t see it because we left on holiday and the 5 day grace period was missed. Never had a violation in all the years of Salik? Clearly have a record of topping up your account well in advance? Naturally no-one could care less. Changing my phone number on the website involves calling the call centre and being asked for a pin I have never had to use before – it can be resent to me of course… but to my old number. The car registration card number will help though, which is down in the car park…

Paying Mrs Saul’s speeding fine online is a smooth process. Annoying that the fine is due to speeding on a three lane road of the type that usually has a 100Kmph limit. Naturally this popular stretch of road has a random 90kmph speed limit. Cynics might suggest this is a great way to collect revenue from unsuspecting, otherwise honest, drivers.

When entering her licence plate details, I got a digit wrong and was horrified to see a huge list of Salik and speeding fines going back three years. I quickly realised my mistake and that I was looking at someone else’s list of fines. But hang on, how come this person has been able to re-register their car year on year, with all these fines unpaid, when I have diligently paid all of my fines?

As the Dubai police are currently running a baffling but welcome ‘50% discount on traffic fines’, people such as the owner of this car can save a huge amount of money, whereas I have paid full price from the start. So drivers like me are being punished for being honest and following the rules. Great.

I am putting off applying for my Emirates ID card as long as I can.


One Response to “Fines and fees rage”

  1. rizdin Says:

    Cool, so you can go around entering the license plates of famous people in Dubai and create a list of worst offenders? Maybe do one for all the royals and call it “the great traffic fine Sheikh down”

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