New Mac

My new MacBook Pro’s up and running.

Got a great deal on some old stock from a company linked with work – essentially buying the last version of the MacBook Pro, which has a slightly smaller disk than the current version, but saving myself around 400UKP in the process. Nice.

I love the new Mac. What I love most of all is the way I simply transferred all my apps, files and settings from my old Mac to the new one, overnight, over my network at home via Time Machine. Brilliant. The screen is stunning, the mousepad and gestures just great. Lightyears ahead of any Windows laptop I’ve used recently.

I do have one complaint. As with Mrs Saul’s MacBook, when not using a UK three pin plug, you get a slight vibration when touching the laptop’s aluminium body. This seems to be due to connections using the Euro plugs that the devices ship with here not being earthed properly*. Checking out the forums, it seems lots of people have this issue. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a bit irritating.

Mrs Saul got an iPhone for Christmas from me, so the apartment is slowly becoming all Apple.

* The whole of the Gulf uses the British standard three pin plug. Sadly, most of what gets sold here comes with Euro two pin plugs – or worse, crappy US fiddly two pin things. This leads to a huge market for the cheapest and dodgiest power adaptors China can produce being used all over the place.


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