Skywards Swizz

I’ve been a victim of Emirates’ new way of calculating Skywards miles this year.

A flight to the UK used to get me 3,414 tier miles. Now it’s 3,000 for a ‘flex’ economy ticket, or 1,500 for a saver ticket. Work naturally books us on saver tickets if at all possible.

All this means that I am getting about 50% of the miles I used to. Grr.

I can understand why Emirates have done this – they have enough passengers, so they don’t need to treat their customers as well as they used to. Skywards was always a very generous scheme and is still not at all bad, however annoying it is to lose out on all those lovely free flights.

Where the new rules really grate is the revised policy around lounge access. As a gold member I could always invite a guest into the lounge. That’s been stopped. It’s particularly annoying when travelling with Mrs Saul – not allowing a spouse to accompany a gold card holder into the lounge in Dubai or anywhere else is intensely irritating and pretty stingy, I think. Of all the recent changes, it’s the one that seems to annoy most people – I think a lot of people have complained (as I will be doing, you’ll be surprised to read), so we may be lucky and see the policy reversed.


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