This sort of thing totally baffles me.

Would it not have made sense just to build proper pedestrian access from the Metro to the Dubai Mail in the first place?

Instead of simply designing a route that pedestrians could safely follow, we have to put up with construction of a massive walkway for several years, cluttering up the area further. It will probably be garishly decorated and not fit in with anything around it, based on other recent ‘improvements’ in the area.

Still, it’s not quite as bad as the beautifully designed main entrance to the Dubai Mall – which is totally obscured by a large flyover running along in front of it. You simply can’t see it, unless you’re standing right in front of it – something you’d never do, unless it was by accident and you’d got lost, as you can’t walk to it.

The other major flaw that affects the Mall is the major exit that forces drivers to go in the opposite direction to where they want to go, veer across three lanes and then do a u-turn. This flaw must have been glaringly obvious to anyone designing the place, but it all still got built. Unlike anywhere to stop safely along the entirety of the Boulevard to visit the shops that line it, drop someone off, pick someone up, etc. Not a single lay-by exists, anywhere. I bet that wasn’t mentioned to anyone who was renting a roadside shop or restaurant.

I am feeling grumpy about all of this, as you might have noticed.


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