A public service announcement – location of Nigerian embassy in Abu Dhabi

UPDATE – the embassy has now moved and has a good website. So, don’t rely on this post for accurate info, make sure you check online. I will miss the photos of the pyramids, but such is progress.

As with many places in the UAE, getting to the Nigerian embassy in Abu Dhabi is extremely easy. If you know how to get there.

Sadly, the website does not provide a map and the street name it mentions isn’t on a sign anywhere – it’s more a nickname than the street’s actual name. Calling the embassy to ask for directions may not yield much helpful advice, or a correct street number either, so here’s how to get there from Dubai.

The location of the Nigerian embassy and consulate in Abu Dhabi (there is no consulate in Dubai) is 432/2 Al Nahyan Street. Al Nahyan is the nickname. The actual road name is ’26’.

To get there from Dubai, come off the Sheikh Zayed Rd towards Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi’s exit is marked on the exit sign, but it’s always a surprise – it’s always feels like you’re pulling off into a service station, as opposed to taking the main route to the nation’s capital. Stay on the road and go over the Maqta Bridge and into Abu Dhabi.

After a while you will get to a set of lights where the intersecting street is called Hazza bin Zayed St. This is actually the name of the street and is mentioned on the street signs. If you turn right you will get to Al Wahda mall.

Don’t turn right. Turn left. You will go over at least one set of traffic lights (if I remember right). At any rate, you will get to a set of lights and can turn left into 26 street.

Very quickly on your right there is a set of shops. There’s a photographer where you can get some passport photos, or have your children photographed wearing weird sunglasses, judging by the photos hanging on the wall. Be prepared to stand up for yourself if 14 labourers rush into the shop and start distracting the shopkeeper when he’s handing over your photos, causing him to forget about you and focus on the latest person to shout at him.

Next door is a tiny DVD rental shop whose fax you can use for 2Dhs. Very handy if you need an obscure and highly important document faxed to you, in case you forgot to bring it with you or didn’t think that you’d need, for example, a letter from your employer telling the consulate that they don’t object to you travelling to Nigeria on business.

Carry on up 26 street over at least one set of lights (or was it two?). You will come to a roundabout. Naturally you will do a u-turn. About one hundred metres or so down the road on the right is a villa with green paint on its walls, and a security guard’s booth outside. This is the Nigerian embassy. You can park outside on the street. The Moroccan and French embassies are on the same side of the street and are useful landmarks if you miss the Nigeria one and wonder if you’re in the right place.

The embassy has some interesting sofas and seats to sit on if there is a queue. There is also a nice photo of president Goodluck Jonathan, wearing his trademark hat and looking a bit sheepish, with an Emirati flag photoshopped behind him.

When I visited, the Sri Lankan gentleman handling administrative matters was extremely helpful and friendly. I thank him for allowing me to get my ‘no objection certificate’ faxed to me and promising to wait for me if I came back after the official closing time.

I hope this is helpful and saves someone from spending over an hour driving around in circles whilst getting increasingly angry.

When you’re visiting the embassy’s website, check out their photo page. It has some cool pictures of sites of interest in Nigeria. In typically generous fashion, it also has a picture of a site in Tunisia, as well as the pyramids in Egypt.


19 Responses to “A public service announcement – location of Nigerian embassy in Abu Dhabi”

  1. Nigerian Says:

    thanks for this! going to the embassy tomorrow for the first time (been here for 3 years and a Nigerian citizen but always avoided going) and been searching google all day for location maps. Your providing the right street name and landmarks made it better to locate on my gps, thanks!

  2. nkem raji Says:

    chris thank you, taking a group of nigerian kids to visit the consulate in 2weeks time.

  3. Abhilash Kumar Says:

    I am flying to AbuDhabi from Qatar (in a weeks time) to apply for a Nigerian Visa. Are the AbuDhabi Taxi Drivers knowledgable about the Nigerian Embassy Location? Are taxis available in abundance near the embassy? Also, which is the closest hotel to the Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi?

    Thanks Chris !!!

    • christophersaul Says:

      With the (not very good!) directions in my post, a taxi driver should be able to find it. I suggest you ask him to wait outside, as I didn’t see any driving past when I was there. Not sure which hotel is the closest, but Abu Dhabi isn’t a huge place, so anywhere in Abu Dhabi itself will do fine.

  4. stefan Says:

    thanks chrisopher for this public service. is SW global the right co to get a visa from ? they were directed to me by the Nigerian consulate website, appreciated

  5. Eben Says:

    Pls I want to come to Dubai for work purpose.am a university graduate here in nigeria.pls, can I be allowed there to work with my certificate there or can I get job there that will merit my certificate if am working here in nigeria?here is my email :Ebenleon@hotmail.com.nice to read from u

  6. sohid Says:

    many thanks. was getting worried of how i would drive there until i found this post.


  7. Eric Says:

    I will try the way tom morning. Your description is worth a million! Easier is to google map the French Embassy 🙂 Thank you for your help!

  8. Cheyene Says:

    HI! How can we apply the visa if the person who needs the visa is residing in Qatar? Does she need to travel to Abu Dhabi or she can send the application together with the passport via DHL?

    Please I need an answer asap. I can’t get a clear response from Nigerian Embassy on their visa section.

  9. Ibro Says:

    Please is there an email or working number (one which is picked) for correspondence or do you know a valid extension for enquiries. Thanks cris…way to go!

  10. Salim Shaikh Says:

    Thanks Chris,
    very detailed instruction, i am sure it is going to help many visitors like me.
    Good you mentioned the no objection letter, saved a trip!
    bless you…

  11. shaji Says:

    HI, I want to apply Nigerian Business visa for my boss – UK citizen- can you please tell me what kind of documents required to apply for the business visa?

  12. Abdul Says:

    Been there abt 5 times past week, didnt understand your description.is this the same as embassy off 30th street next to the singaporean embassy.

  13. Mafia Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I know just how terrible and unorganised nigerian embassy’s can be. This is my first time actually ever visiting for myself. I cannot get any one to answer at the embassy and im about to book my flights… So i cannot wait (they may be closed for Eid period).

    Any idea how long it takes to get the visa, tourist visa/visit visa for a British citizen? Im afraid to book an awkward date to find out it will take me 3 weeks to get a visa and they are closed possibly for a whole week til the 20th if they are like everywhere else in Dubai. Need to book flight asap. Thanks in advance!

    • christophersaul Says:

      Hi Mafia

      Based on past experience, the visa can be ready the next day – drop forms off in the morning, collect the following afternoon. Good luck!

  14. Fola Says:

    Hello Chris am a Nigerian working in dubai ,I got the personal contact of a woman working in the embassy and called her two weeks ago about passport issuance (I have already paid and completed all formalities online) she said the machine there was broken and I should not come I called her today 29/04/13 and she was still saying no connection and claiming to be too busy to talk and didn’t properly update me (typical Nigerian civil servant unhelpful behaivour) , I feel i should go there anyway as i have already paid but am wary of wasting my time and money , my question is if you or anybody has the contact of any other person there that will have time to tell me the actual situation and not be forming busy. My passport expires mid of June

  15. Abiodun Says:

    Good Day, I will like to know the cost of attesting our marriage certificate here in Abu Dhabi after the necessary attestation had been done in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja…

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