In the last three months, buildings all over Dubai seem to have become infested with automated air fresheners, programmed to spew allergy inducing poison ever few minutes over whoever’s in the room.

Whatever’s inside these things seems to trigger some kind of allergy in me, blocking up my nose and generally making me feel unwell.

I’m sure this is a recent phenomenon – these devices have been in toilets for a while, which I can understand, but I don’t really see why our training room needs to be ‘freshened’ ever two minutes, all day. I don’t remember anything smelling particularly bad before. Someone has clearly sold a job lot of these things to all the cleaning companies.

I predict a futile campaign on my behalf to combat these things wherever I see them.

‘Can you switch this thing off. It smells horrible’.

‘It is an air freshener sir.’

‘I know, but can you turn it off, as the smell makes me feel ill’.

‘It’s the policy sir’.


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